AidPlex Won 1st Place in Ecocity Forum 2018 Circular Economy Competition

Out of 15 Greek startups, AidPlex won 1st place for the best innovative idea in the Ecocity Forum 2018, an International Conference that took place on October 3-5, at Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

The Circular Economy Competition was organized by Alexander Innovation Zone (AIZ)There, the participants were invited to present their business ideas on the circular economy.

In total, 15 ideas were submitted to the competition. The top 5 of them were presented at an open event on October 5 and were evaluated by the Competition’s Evaluation Committee. The committee was, Pantelis Angelidis, chairman of the Board of Directors of AΙZ, Simon Besansson, inaugurated city councilor of Thessaloniki for innovation and head of OK!Thess incubator, and Panos Seferlis, chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of AUTh and a member of the Board of Directors of AIK. 

AidPlex, the winner of the competition, accepted the First Prize from Evgenia Fotoniata, Special Secretary for the Management of NSRF Programs, at the closing ceremony of Ecocity Forum.

Haris and Dimitris from AidPlex presented their thermoplastic splint, that is produced through 3D printing technology. This splint is five times lighter than plaster casts, waterproof, skin-friendly, reusable, and biodegradable. As AidPlex’s founders revealed, clinical trials’ process will begin in a few weeks in public hospitals in Thessaloniki. This process will lead to the acquisition of the necessary certificates (CE & FDA) so that the product can be sold to the European Union, the US, and other markets.

The second and the third prize were awarded to EcoCup and Cinder-ela respectively. EcoCup is an online platform which aims to put an end to disposable plastic bottles and Cinder-ela uses ashes to produce soil improvers.

About Alexander Innovation Zone

Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. (A.I.Z. S.A.) is the managing body that has undertaken to organize and promote the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone.

About Ecocity Forum 2018

The International Conference Ecocity Forum 2018 for the Circular Economy in Intelligent Cities was held in Thessaloniki on 3-5 October with the scientific support of  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The conference is organized by Ecocity under the auspices of the President of the Republic Mr. Prokopios Paulopoulos. 18 universities and science institutes, 5 international environmental networks, 5 professional associations, and more than 70 recognized speakers participated at Ecocity Forum 2018.