Aidplex and COVID-19 Response

AidPlex and COVID-19 Response

Regarding the interview of D.Kourtesis and N.Tsoniotis, Co-founders of Ideas Forward, on on how startups moved amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to remember our volunteering work alongside Covid-19 Response Greece. We provided solutions to overcome the crucial challenges that were posed in Greece during the pandemic.

After detailed research in coordination with the team, we managed to design 2 types of face shields. In addition, we ensured their mass production in case of demand. Later, after some improvements that resulted from the research by our volunteers, we were ready to distribute them in order to handle the needs that constantly were arising.

The above figure shows the contribution of COVID-19 Response to the distribution of protective shields throughout the country. During this initiative, we were collecting daily numerous delivery orders.  The team managed to deliver over 50.000 face shields across Greece. 

We are really proud that we are part of the volunteering team! We would also like to thank the people in the frontline fighting daily in the battle against COVID-19. 

You can find here further information on the Covid-19 Response Greece.